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Another way to help the kids boost their self esteem is an affirmation sheet entitled “Who Am I?” which is given to them. Now their parents and other refugees want it too.

A volunteer's perspective: Dealing with Serco and realising one’s responsibilities and restrictions.

At Christmas time appropriate presents are given to the Villawood kids. These are donated by the participants of Feinstein’s Theatre Games events. It should be noted that SERCO staff also pooled their own funds to buy presents for the kids under their care.

Philip Feinstein has been invited by various organisations to give talks about this project. While most people are very warm about it, some people are quite hostile.

When giving talks at functions, Philip sometimes involves the audience by getting them to jam with their pens on the seats in front of them so they can feel the excitement that the kids and adult detainees experience when jamming.

A large number of donated music instruments have come from Jewish people who knowthat many of the recipients are Muslim. The social justice sections of Synagogues have been very active in this – see drop-off points.

Inviting other musicians to get involved at detention centres and refugee centres throughout Australia.

Inviting people and musicians in other countries to create a similar project for their refugees.

For more information, contact Philip Feinstein.

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